[jdev] Jabber for intranet

Sander Devrieze s.devrieze at pandora.be
Wed Apr 26 05:49:51 CDT 2006

Op woensdag 26 april 2006 11:28, schreef Bandan:
> Yes as you said, using a Jabber user directory where people can search
> based on names or departments is a better option. Where can I find
> information on JUDs ? I couldn't find much on it :(

There are two JUD components that should work with most Jabber servers. On 
these components the users needs to add themself manually. You can find them 
at next URL:

ejabberd (see my signature) also has a module for JUD, well three modules, one 
for each supported database backend (mod_vcard, mod_vcard_ldap, and 
mod_vcard_odbc). Users do not need to register, they just need to enter the 
necessary information to their vCard or someone else should add this 
information. You can try to do that by interacting with the backend directly, 
or by trying a script like mentioned in this thread:

PS: you might be also interested in next contribution:

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