[jdev] are JIDs case sensitive?

Tobias Thierer lists-2006 at tobias-thierer.de
Tue Aug 1 01:21:50 CDT 2006

I couldn't find anything about this in the XMPP Core RFC (RFC 3920). It says:

=== cut ===

3.3.  Node Identifier

   The node identifier is an optional secondary identifier placed before
   the domain identifier and separated from the latter by the '@'
   character.  It usually represents the entity requesting and using
   network access provided by the server or gateway (i.e., a client),
   although it can also represent other kinds of entities (e.g., a chat
   room associated with a multi-user chat service).  The entity
   represented by a node identifier is addressed within the context of a
   specific domain; within instant messaging and presence applications
   of XMPP, this address is called a "bare JID" and is of the form
   <node at domain>.

   A node identifier MUST be formatted such that the Nodeprep profile of
   [STRINGPREP] can be applied to it without failing.  Before comparing
   two node identifiers, a server MUST (and a client SHOULD) first apply
   the Nodeprep profile to each identifier.

=== cut ===

It doesn't say anything about the allowed characters and whether they are
case sensitive. I've been testing with my own client against Wildfire and it
seems that the server ignores capitalization when I sign up, but I can add
myself as a buddy as long as I use different capitalization.

What's the official rule on this matter? Should I automatically lowercase
all login names that users of my client choose when they want to create an
account on the server?

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