[jdev] are JIDs case sensitive?

Matt Tucker matt at jivesoftware.com
Tue Aug 1 01:36:29 CDT 2006


>  A node identifier MUST be formatted such that the Nodeprep
>  profile of [STRINGPREP] can be applied to it without failing.  
>  Before comparing two node identifiers, a server MUST (and a client 
>  SHOULD) first apply the Nodeprep profile to each identifier.
> === cut ===
> It doesn't say anything about the allowed characters and 
> whether they are case sensitive. 

The part you quoted is actually the part that specifies that the node is
not case sensitive. Saying that the "nodeprep profile of [STRINGPREP]"
applies to nodes (or usernames) is basically a fancy and more accurate
way of stating that usernames are not case sensitive (it also specifies
other rules). However, resources *are* case sensitive.


matt at jivesoftware.com == Matt at jivesoftware.com


matt at jivesoftware.com/HOME != matt at jivesoftware.com/home

> Should I automatically lowercase all login names that users of my 
> client choose when they want to create an account on the server?

It shouldn't really matter. The server should always "do the right
thing". However, using lower case always might help to clue in the user
that nodes are not case sensitive?


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