[jdev] Re: CSpace instant messenger integrated in Jabber

thomasasta at gmx.net thomasasta at gmx.net
Sat Aug 5 13:21:57 CDT 2006

Hi somone asked on the wiki the following questions (quess a jabberfriend ;-))
i post them here to the mailinglist, as this is the appropriate place.


Please fill in the answers if you know them.  :-)

=== How can I leave a message for somebody? ===

If the buddy is online, just message him, if he is online, see the suggestion 18a on the suggestion page for offline messaging, which may be inserteted in the next version.

=== How can I make a multi-user chat, and how can I tell my offline friends to join it when they are back? Can I have a persistent chatroom so my friends keep on talking while I am away? And if they do, who makes sure nobody comes in that disturbs the chat? ===

Chatrooms for multiple users are not supported. It is a buddy to buddy chat.
Maybe in one of the m,ater version this will come, I think Video and VOIp has more priority than group chat, as users therefor use IRC. Furthermore we cannot compete from icontent with regualr buddylists nor from the delivery side. Cspace is young and has not 1 Mio donwloads a week, to reach this, filesharing has more priority than groupchat, because this will bring users in.

=== The CSpace-ID is numeric? How is it ensured that nobody else will take my number? ===

The Cspace-ID is just optional, the RSA.Key is the one used. as well the Cyberspace-ID is passwordprotected from your client.

=== CSpace depends on a network of servers providing a public distributed hashtable. How can I be sure this network of servers will not steal my CSpace-ID or otherwise be corrupted one day by a government or a company? ===

The Kademlia network of course has to be bootstrapped . this is done by any buddy of yours which is still online with the same IP adress, and as well random peers are stored in a cache (200 nodes as in emules kademnlia) to bootstrap the kademlia network. third there is a hidden server to bootstrap the network.
The bootstraps ervers is not the tachilm server for providing the Cyberspace-ID-cration, so they cannot steal your RSA-key. the next version additonally will allow RSA-key creation without Cyberspace-id. well it should be ALWAYS created, so that there are no users withot Cyberspace ID, but the network is mainly working with the RSA-key´s and totally without Cyberspace ID. As the RSA-key has public and private.. so no one can steal them!

=== What a friend of mine becomes an enemy. Can he still look-up my IP number, sniff on my online status or even attack my PC? ===

yes. I guess the next version has the process, that each buddy, wanting to sent me a message, has to be on my buddylist, and each wish to be on my buddylist has to be approved. So the first message to a Cyberspace ID, is to ask, if this buddy shoudl be on your buddylist, then you cannot be messaged by users not  on your list.

=== I can have encrypted end-to-end chat with my friends over any chat network as long as we use the same or compatible clients. What makes CSpace different here? ===

You do not need servers, often as well servers register, that there is traffic, as this is direct from ip to ip in cyberspace, you are hidden from shaping and traffic analysis. Servers logg, how often you are online and to which Ip  you sent. As every Ip connection in europa has to be recorded, it is not necessarey that the ISP provioder of the Server and the server and the ISP Providers of two Buddies have all the connection time and trafficvolume logged. This is 4 x logged the same!!
So servers are not needed, and : you can sent files as well encrypted.


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