[jdev] Discovering the Federation.

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Thu Aug 24 14:09:53 CDT 2006

Cedric Hyppolite wrote:
> Thanks for the fast replies !
> I asked this question because, the first time I tried Jabber, I looked
> at different places on the web xmpp.net, jabber.org before finding a
> server to register an account to. I wanted to know if this search for a
> server could be done in some way inside the xmpp network through S2S
> protocol, instead of using a 'legacy' network like http.
>> ...The 'jabber federation' is controlled by DNS - just
> like email....
> But there could be a way to share the content of a cached list of the
> jabber servers one server has talked to in the recent past... This is
> not the case with email, but in-band account registration is not common
> with email. With jabber, registering in-band could be nicely coupled
> with in-band discovery, IMHO.

Well, usually client developers download the list of servers before the
user ever logs on (so the user can choose a server). If we say that you
need to be connected to the XMPP network before you can get a list of
servers, then we have a bootstrapping problem.

But making the list available via HTTP and XMPP would be good. We'll
build that into the upcoming xmpp.net improvements.

And BTW I don't see HTTP as a legacy protocol. XMPP is not meant to
solve all problems.


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