[jdev] Re: help needed to implement a P2P Chat Client

Ravi ravikapoor101 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 28 18:05:41 CDT 2006

> Um, that won't go trough NATs, if both sides are NATed.. (if you do not
> have NATs, you are lucky and I envy you a lot. That wile creatures are
> destroying the Internet).

This is ultimately for public consumption (like yahoo), so we cannot 
ignore presence of NATs. The idea was to use following sequence:

1. client1 tries to connect to client2
2. if method1 fails, client2 tries to connect to client1
3. if method2 fails, use server based routing.

> And, by the way, I would discourage you from using port 80, unless you
> intend to use http on that. 80 belongs to http and people expect web
> pages to be there, besides, you need (under some systems) administration
> rights to bind low ports. If you to that over TCP, choose either some
> random (or let the OS give you one) and negotiate it over XMPP, or
> choose something that is not used by something such widely used as http.

Point duly noted. I suggested 80 as many firewalls are flexible with 
port 80. This will result in more P2P connections than using any other 

Yes I agree that there is lot of complexity with P2P chat. Since 
audio/video applications have to solve these problems anyway, I was 
hoping to get a free ride. I think those days have yet not arrived.

- Ravi

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