[jdev] Discovering the Federation.

Daniel Noll daniel at noll.id.au
Tue Aug 29 22:21:02 CDT 2006

> Instead of going to that mythical well-connected server (which really
> can only be jabber.org in this context), I've got an idea for what
> could be done first.  It's very client-intelligence-dependent but
> makes sense to me.
> 1. SRV query to the child domain to which the client computer belongs.
>  e.g.  americas.hp.net or hsd1.ga.comcast.net.
> 2. Recurse downwards till you canna recurse anymore, captain!

Better not recurse forever, or you'll meet something called a spider trap:
  query bogus1.example.com, tells you about bogus2.example.com
  query bogus2.example.com, tells you about bogus3.example.com
  query bogus3.example.com, tells you about bogus4.example.com
  query bogus4.example.com, tells you about bogus5.example.com
  query bogus5.example.com, tells you about bogus6.example.com
  query bogus6.example.com, tells you about bogus7.example.com


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