[jdev] remote work opportunity for someone with jabber experience

John Donagher jdonagher+jdev at gmail.com
Wed Mar 1 19:12:27 CST 2006

Hi all-

I'm new to the list - I hope I'm not breaking any etiquette rules by
sending this; I noticed some other similar postings in the archives.

I work at a startup which is in the process of deploying jabber as a
service for our customers (as part of a broader application). We've
decided to bring on an extra person to help with development of a web
chat client (perhaps making use of JsJac/Punjab etc..). We'd love it
if we could find someone already well-versed in Jabber / XMPP.

Pay would be hourly and you can work from your home, wherever that may be :)

If you're interested, please contact me (email or chat) at
jdonagher at gmail.com. Let me know your
 - experience (particularly with respect to Jabber and Javascript/AJAX/DHTML)
 - availability (hrs per week)
 - timezone (we're GMT -8)
 - hourly rate

You can send a full resume if you like, but I'm more interested in
relevant experience.


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