[jdev] Re: Recent Google Talk S2S Problems

Venkat Mani venkat.m at geodesiconline.com
Thu Mar 9 21:42:02 CST 2006

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Subject: Re: [jdev] Re: Recent Google Talk S2S Problems

>>I use iChat mostly, as well as the mac version of PSI 0.10. I have
>>experienced the same problems with both. 

>>I've also noticed that google talk curiously sends "probe" presence
>>stanzas to my resources. I have no idea why. It confuses PSI quite a bit,

I've noticed that the gtalk client does send presence probes just before you
start a jingle call. It sends a presence probe to the user with whom you
want to do a voip call .In case that user has logged in from more than 1
place it selects the resource with which to initiate a call based on certain
timestamps and/or the client version, which the client returns on a presence
probe. Strangely enough it does not make use of RAP which could easily solve
this problem.



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