[jdev] auto-updating server list

Andrew Plotkin erkyrath at eblong.com
Sat Mar 11 22:38:28 CST 2006

On Sun, 12 Mar 2006, Oleg Motienko wrote:

> An attempt to create an auto-updating server list.
> Early-early devel version :)


Either I crashed it, or it crashed while I was fooling around with it.

Last thing I did was a disco#items query to node "jabbermx.org". (Which 
was listed as a leaf node under "org": <item jid="jabbermx.org" 
name="jabbermx.org" />. So I guess I shouldn't have done an items query, 
but crashing is no good. :) No response came back to that query, and 
subsequent queries produced errors.


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