[jdev] web presence

Florian Holzhauer fh-j at fholzhauer.de
Mon Mar 13 10:04:31 CST 2006

Hi Peter, Hi Richard,

on Mon, 13 Mar 2006, Peter Millard wrote:

> This is exactly how I would implement this as well.

The perlscript (*) I already mentioned in this thread supports all the
features mentioned here but two:

- The first thing is that it currently connects as a client, which will
  be changed after the rewrite (first release in April).

- The second issue is that it is not configurable by x:data but in a
  website. I consider this as a feature, not as a bug, because the
  user has there a graphical preview of the status image he is looking

However, the script is in boring oldschool perl, not one of the
current hype languages. Guess that wont hurt (besides the fact that
Net:XMPP and Net:Jabber is apparently no longer maintained since more
then a year, which is really a shame).

Greetings from Berlin,

(*) and I dont want to claim that my script is the singe one. Zeank for
example has something nice there, too, some people even claim that
Edgar is working, too. But edgar is PHP, so no hype language there,
Jabber: fh at zwoop.de / fh at jabber.ccc.de 

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