[jdev] Options for Production/Industry quality sdk or framework for - implementing a client -

Dwarapudi, Vijay vijay.dwarapudi at intergraph.com
Wed Mar 15 12:45:19 CST 2006

I am on a short deadline to pick out a framework to implement an XMPP

So any feedback/ experience or options on different client side vendors
for building a client that talks XMPP would be appreciated.


The client purpose is to facilitate machines chatting alerts, relaying
alerts, discovery, through chat rooms etc. 


Currently we have already tried Soapbox, so I am looking for other
recommendations beyond soapbox. 


  An SDK or a framework to develop a client that has


*	Simple and easy to use objects that facilitate MUC capability,
login, join rooms, get notified on users dropping out etc...
*	Maybe a built in extension for guaranteed delivery, since I
could locate a JEP extension for this.
*	Reliability testing numbers based on traffic or previous
experiences, scalability based on chat rooms and users
*	Has anyone extended XMPP through JEP or otherwise to query a
WFS, or maybe built in extension for this too.




Vijay Dwarapudi

R&D Sensort Net

Federal Security Division

Join us at Intergraph 2006
Intergraph's International Users Conference in Orlando, FL USA
June 12 - 15, 2006 
 <http://www.intergraph2006.com/> www.intergraph2006.com 



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