[jdev] Options for Production/Industry quality sdk or framework for- implementing a client -

JD Conley jd.conley at coversant.net
Wed Mar 15 13:18:35 CST 2006

There is a list available online: 
If you're looking for .NET there are three other options: jabber-net,
agsXMPP, and one from IP*Works. The IP*Works one is simplified quite a
bit, but I'm not sure if they have the level of functionality you're
looking for. I haven't used the other two. For Java, most people seem to
go with Smack, though there are more options. I'm not really sure about
C++ libraries as we don't have any experience with them.
A good option for you might be to start with an existing open source
client and just modify it to suit your needs.
Reliability and traffic numbers are likely going to be more targeted at
the server implementation than the framework. How high are you looking
to scale with regard to simultaneous users, number of rooms, number of
users per room?
-JD Conley


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framework for- implementing a client -

	I am on a short deadline to pick out a framework to implement an
XMPP client.

	So any feedback/ experience or options on different client side
vendors for building a client that talks XMPP would be appreciated.


	The client purpose is to facilitate machines chatting alerts,
relaying alerts, discovery, through chat rooms etc. 


	Currently we have already tried Soapbox, so I am looking for
other recommendations beyond soapbox. 


	  An SDK or a framework to develop a client that has


	*	Simple and easy to use objects that facilitate MUC
capability, login, join rooms, get notified on users dropping out etc...

	*	Maybe a built in extension for guaranteed delivery,
since I could locate a JEP extension for this. 
	*	Reliability testing numbers based on traffic or previous
experiences, scalability based on chat rooms and users 
	*	Has anyone extended XMPP through JEP or otherwise to
query a WFS, or maybe built in extension for this too. 




	Vijay Dwarapudi

	R&D Sensort Net

	Federal Security Division

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	Intergraph's International Users Conference in Orlando, FL USA
	June 12 - 15, 2006 
	www.intergraph2006.com <http://www.intergraph2006.com/>  




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