[jdev] Options for Production/Industry quality sdk or frameworkfor - implementing a client -

Dwarapudi, Vijay vijay.dwarapudi at intergraph.com
Wed Mar 15 13:28:48 CST 2006

IP delivery - and retransmit is handled within network layers, based on
the protocol you pick, this isolates me from worrying about packets.

In the same way, I was wondering if I could not worry about loosing
packets at the application level... and XMPP would worry about any lost
packets, over a series of routing hops, or something like that....

Right now I have begun implementing an application level Ack back, and
another for receiving/tracking the ack as well.

But the question arises - if X clients (a set of clients) were
publishing to a room, and Y clients (another set of clients) were
listening/subscribing from that room; then the clients on side X would
have to send back (application level) acks to the specific clients on Y.
Now the clients on Y have to track/account for who received on X, and in
(some hypothetical) case one of them did not receive it... then they
would resend through the chat room (in my scenario). 

Now, if I am not mistaken - this creates a feedback loop where all the X
clients get the same packet, retransmit another ack for the same
packet... and so on and so forth... plus everyone sees ack packets in
the chat room.


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On 15 Mar 2006, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
>> * Maybe a built in extension for guaranteed delivery, since I could
>> locate a JEP extension for this.
> I may write a JEP about this soon (an extension to JEP-0079).

Wow! It sounds great! :-D

> But different people mean different things by "guaranteed delivery".

Well, what do you mean by "guaranteed delivery"?

Thank you.

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