[jdev] Fw: type='available' in <presence/> stanza

Marco Balmer maba-mailings-jdev at micressor.ch
Wed Mar 29 00:43:24 CST 2006


> For example:
> <presence xml:lang="en" from="xy at jabber.domain.tld"
> type="available" to="user at jabber2.domain.tld/Laptop" / >

User received with type='available':
aspsms-t <--> jabberd14 <---s2s---> ejabberd <---> client

User received without type='available':
aspsms-t <--> jabberd14 <---> client

No type='available' is coming from aspsms-t:
aspsms-t <---tcpdump---> jabberd14

Test enviroment:
* Swissjabber.ch server with jabberd14 (svn 1207 2005-12-14)
* Jabber.org Server with ejabberd (version?)
* Client is a psi 0.10 english under debian

Thx for ideas.


http://web.swissjabber.ch xmpp: micressor at swissjabber.ch

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