[jdev] Re: type='available' in <presence/> stanza

Marco Balmer maba-mailings-jdev at micressor.ch
Wed Mar 29 03:31:27 CST 2006


> Anyways, when a server that uses schema validation encounters such a
> stanza, it will return an error to the client.  And frankly, I don't
> think being tolerant to implementation issues will lead to a better
> future for the protocol.

Not the client is sending to the server. The server send this stanza to the
client with type='available'.

* Should server (in this case ejabberd) send type='available' to the clients? 
(I am realy not sure what the protocol rfc 3921 means about that)

* Should client (In this case psi 0.10) ingore this?


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