[jdev] Re: XMPP Ping method?

Magnus Henoch mange at freemail.hu
Fri Nov 3 08:33:54 CST 2006

Jesus Cea <jcea at argo.es> writes:

> Matthias Wimmer wrote:
>> Well, I don't think that _this_ is a valid argument. It's not the task
>> of protocols to work around design restrictions in a language.
>> If this would be the task of a protocol, we would need some changes in
>> the protocol to support flash as well.
> If you require a feature, and that feature is not available in the
> implementation language, your are dead in the water.
> Same about OS support. How do you access the TCP window counters in your
> symbian smart-phone, for example?.
> This suggestion is not doable.

I think it is.  The systems that do not support such a feature would
go along just like today; the others would have better ability to send
bounces for stanzas sent but not acknowledge.  That's a net win, as I
see it.

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