[jdev] Re: XMPP Ping method?

Benjamin Podszun ben at galactic-tales.de
Sun Nov 5 13:45:10 CST 2006

Tobias Markmann wrote:
> I didn't know SCTP since you've mentioned it and have some questions:

Google knows the answer to everything. But to give some quick answers

>    1. Is SCTP TCP compatible? When a server provides SCTP protocol on
>       port 5222 for example normal TCP clients can still connect?

No, it isn't. SCTP _can_ be set up on top of UDP, but it is not
"compatible" with TCP. And the "port" that you talk about is a TCP port.
Read: Not SCTP related anyway.

>    2. Could both protocols run on one port? 

See above. TCP (or UDP) ports are unrelated. They are a simple way to
name TCP and UDP endpoints. Irrelevant.

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