[jdev] Beginning Jabber Client Development!

Artur Hefczyc ajdev at tigase.org
Mon Nov 13 15:56:04 CST 2006

> I'll use Java language and I didn't decide to write all stuff myself or use
> an existing library. Can you tell me for both of them?

There is already a similar project working on Jabber/XMPP
client and library in Java.
It is in very early stage but maybe instead of starting your new project
you would be interested in joining existing one?
Anyway at least library is worth to look at so you could create
another client based on the same library.

The project is localized on Tigase site which is mainly for
server development but there is also very early version of
client application and library.
Tigase project site is at address: http://www.tigase.org
and development sites of client application and library are

Artur Hefczyc

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