[jdev] Beginning Jabber Client Development!

Sönmez Kartal sonmezkartal at inbox.com
Mon Nov 13 16:03:58 CST 2006


I'll do this client application for commercial use. I'm on open source side but I have to live too! :-)

That's the why I said beginning. I'll build this application for a company's solution. It will be a part of commercial solution. I cannot use an open source project.

Is this means I'll have to implement all protocols myself?

Sonmez Kartal
sonmezkartal at inbox.com

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> Subject: Re: [jdev] Beginning Jabber Client Development!
>> I'll use Java language and I didn't decide to write all stuff myself or
>> use
>> an existing library. Can you tell me for both of them?
> There is already a similar project working on Jabber/XMPP
> client and library in Java.
> It is in very early stage but maybe instead of starting your new project
> you would be interested in joining existing one?
> Anyway at least library is worth to look at so you could create
> another client based on the same library.
> The project is localized on Tigase site which is mainly for
> server development but there is also very early version of
> client application and library.
> Tigase project site is at address: http://www.tigase.org
> and development sites of client application and library are
> available:
> http://evora.tigase.org/
> http://jaxmpp.tigase.org/
> Artur
> --
> Artur Hefczyc
> http://www.tigase.org/
> http://wttools.sf.net/

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