[jdev] Beginning Jabber Client Development!

Sonmez Kartal sonmezkartal at inbox.com
Mon Nov 13 16:42:28 CST 2006


Thank you Joonas. I will add a custom feature to a generic client. We researched many products but nothing has that feature. I have to implement it myself. I can't use a GPL software, so, I guess I'll write all stuff myself.

Jive doesn't gives source codes of Spark what is the Jabbar client.


Sonmez Kartal
sonmezkartal at inbox.com

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> On 11/13/06, Sönmez Kartal <sonmezkartal at inbox.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'll do this client application for commercial use. I'm on open source
>> side but I have to live too! :-)
>> That's the why I said beginning. I'll build this application for a
>> company's solution. It will be a part of commercial solution. I cannot
>> use an open source project.
>> Is this means I'll have to implement all protocols myself?
> You could still use a BSD or LGPL licensed library but I don't know
> which (if any) of them are licensed under such licenses. In any case,
> I'm quite convinced it would more efficient for you company to base
> the solution on an existing library even if you had to pay license
> fees. I believe that would be possible with the Jive Software
> libraries for example.
> Joonas
> BTW, no, I don't have anything to do with Jive ;-)

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