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Wikipedia exercises an amount of control over content that is determined
by the 
Group of administrators and the arbitration board.  At times that
control is 
Minimal; at time the control is quite severe.  It appears that the main
In determining when the control is exercised is the contentiousness of
the content.
Articles that are important to a sufficient number of active people with
a variety 
Of points of view, result in vigorous editting of those articles.  At
some point,
The admins step in and lock the page.  Further vigor, after the lock is
Results in the arbitration board determining which editors will be
prohibited, thereby
Defining the remaining editors' point of view as the Wikipedia "Neutral
Point of View".

It's a process.

For the purposes of Jabber clients, the level of contentiousness should
be rather low.

The policy is subject to change...no guarantees with regard to the
future ;)


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On 11/22/06, Lucas Nussbaum <lucas at lucas-nussbaum.net> wrote:
> If we want to move to Wikipedia, we should really get a statement from

> a Wikipedia responsible person saying: "yes, it's OK". Wikipedia might

> decide in the future that it's not a good idea to have each and every 
> Jabber client on Wikipedia.

I do not believe that is necessary at all.  Wikipedia has no control
over the content, that's the whole point.

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