[jdev] multiple sessions between two domains

Scott Cotton wsc at mindowl.com
Mon Sep 11 03:52:13 CDT 2006

I read the rfc to mean that there cannot (or should) not be multiple
between domains _for the same server_.  So one could have a server cluster,
with several nodes in the cluster connecting the same 2 domains.

I don't think there's any way for a remote host to reliably determine
whether multiple remote connections between the same domains
in fact belong to the same logical "server".  Things like nat and big
multiprocessor machines could break the one server per IP address idea.

So I read the spec to mean it's up to a developer or administrator to
determine what constitutes a distinct server, and that the developer
and administrator should (or must, I forget) allow just one connection per
domain pair per server.

All the same, it's good to not waste resources and minimize the number
of connections between one site and another.


On 9/11/06, Ben Turner <ben.turner at siemens.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> Are there any servers out there that support more than one session per
> domain?
> We are currently investigating HA (high availability) possibilities.
> The specs (i.e. RFC3920) are rather ambiguous when it comes to whether or
> not
> multiple sessions are allowed between two domains.
> Any thoughts or remarks would be welcome.
> cheers,
> Ben
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