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Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.eu
Mon Sep 11 15:50:45 CDT 2006

John Almberg schrieb:
> I have the O'Reilly "Programming Jabber" book. It's from 2002 and I'm 
> wondering how much, if any, the Jabber server architecture has changed 
> from what is described in that book? That is, is the general approach 
> still the same, with the backbone and various components attached to the 
> backbone?

This book describes the architecture of jabberd14 (in version 1.4.1 or 
1.4.2 I think).

The general design is still valid for newer version of jabberd14.

- jabberd2 is a completely different Jabber server.
- jabberd14 is also known as "jabberd version 1.4.x"
- jabberd2 is also known as "jabberd version 2.x"

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