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Matt Tucker matt at jivesoftware.com
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Unfortunately, the book is probably quite out of date. Another very
popular option to check out is Wildfire (
http://www.jivesoftware.org/wildfire). It's 100% Java and has a full
plugin architecture. You can also write custom functionality using
external components, but most people find plugins to be a far easier
method for doing customizations. Since it's written in Java, it's very
easy to find developers that can understand and extend the code. There's
also a network of companies that provide customization services for
Wildfire (including Jive Software of course) :)


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	Thanks. I'm project managing the design and development of a
commercial application, that will use Jabber as a base. I'm trying to
work up a an rough estimate of the development costs for the financial
	I've read through the first half of "Programming Jabber" and
suspect that other implementations of the Jabber server must be somewhat
similar in architecture? For example, allowing components to connect to
the backbone using library load, TCP, and STDIO connections. 
	I think most of the application can be handled by the standard
Jabber components, with most of the specialized functionality in the
client. However, I will need to plug in several custom server
	I'm basically working at the block-diagram level at this
point... just trying to scope out the project.
	As far as requirements for the server are concerned, what I'm
mainly concerned about is stability and scalability, as this application
must potentially support lots of simultaneous users. The actual number
will depend on the market, so we need to be able to start small and grow
arbitrarily large. I'm a bit worried about that requirement, to be
	Anyway, any thoughts much appreciated.
	Brgds: John
	Hal Rottenberg wrote: 

		On 9/11/06, Matthias Wimmer <m at tthias.eu>
<mailto:m at tthias.eu>  wrote: 

			> I have the O'Reilly "Programming Jabber" book.
It's from 2002 and I'm 

			This book describes the architecture of

		Also note there are a dozen other jabber servers now.
The landscape 
		is much different than it used to be.  Are you trying to
learn in 
		general, or do you have some specific aims?  We might be
able to help 
		direct your focus. 


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