[jdev] S2S behind a gateway

Reno reno at sapuma.com
Fri Sep 22 07:07:19 CDT 2006

I have a jabber server/router behind a gateway. that gateway is connected with 
DSL connection to WAN with multiple desktops on the LAN side (does that mean 
NAT?). Jabber clients can talk inside the LAN.

I have only the basic components installed in my XCP controller (CM, TC). 
Toiled through the help files but without example I'm afraid I can't go 

How so users in my LAN can talk/transfer file with YM, MSN, other jabber users?
what components I need to install? and what are the configurations paramater?

Sorry if I ask too many, but I really feel lost. If anyone can point me to a 
website that'd be great.


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