[jdev] Re: Suspending and resuming presence

Remko Troncon remko at el-tramo.be
Sun Sep 24 02:07:26 CDT 2006

> If using http polling and modulating your polling frequency based  
> on whether inbound traffic is presence or message - you may wish to  
> not speed up polling if inbound is just presence updates. This will  
> save battery life.

Well, if you stop polling when going into suspend, and you have a  
smart polling daemon that accumulates presences between polls, then  
you have the suspend/resume presence, don't you?
> What would be interesting is the concept of a variable roster based  
> on the resource you use to login - for example if you login with  
> resource "/mobile", then your roster and subscriptions are only  
> created for your contacts in the "Mobile Contacts" group ..you only  
> appear visible to those contacts, and also only receive presence  
> for contacts in those groups..

You can achieve this with privacy lists as well. The only thing is  
that you will still get your complete roster on your mobile client,  
just not the presence sending/receiving. If you don't have your  
complete roster, there will be conflicts eventually.


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