[jdev] ejabberd 1.1.2 released

Mickael Remond mickael.remond at process-one.net
Wed Sep 27 16:46:01 CDT 2006


A new major version of ejabberd has been released!
The ejabberd development is proud to announce this release that adds
numerous improvements to our high-performance server.

See http://www.process-one.net/en/projects/ejabberd/ for more details.

The download page can be reached at:

The complete changelog is available from:

Many thanks to all the contributors who took part to this release !

This version will be the last of the 1.1 branch and we will now
concentrate on integrating many new features and experiments in the 1.2
branch. We have exciting times ahead.

Have fun !

Specific details for this major release:
				Release Notes
				ejabberd 1.1.2
			      27 September 2006

   This document describes the main changes in ejabberd 1.1.2.

   This version is a major improvement over ejabberd 1.1.1, improving the
   overall behaviour of the server in many areas. Users of ejabberd 1.1.1
   should upgrade to this new release for improved robustness and compliance.

   ejabberd can be downloaded from the Process-one website:

   Detailed information can be found in the Feature Sheet and in the
   Installation and Operation Guide which are both available on the
   Process-one website:

   ejabberd includes 44 improvements. A complete list of changes can be
   retrieved from:

   Recent changes include:

LDAP Improvements

  - Major improvements have been made on the LDAP module. It is now more
    flexible and more robust.

HTTP Polling Fixes

  - The HTTP polling modules have been fixed and improved: the connections are
    closed properly and polled messages cannot be lost anymore.

Roster Management Improvement

  - Roster management improvements increase reliability, especially in cases
  where users are on different servers.
  - Shared rosters are more reliable.

Improved Robustness

  - It is now possible to limit the number of opened connections for a single

Relational databases

  - Database support: Microsoft SQL Server is now officially supported in ODBC

Publish-Subscribe Improvement

  - Restricting node creation with a dedicated ACL rule is now possible.


  - A Czech translation has been added.
  - Translations have been updated.

Binary Installer

  - New binary installer for Windows including all requirements.
  - Improved installers for Linux and MacOSX (PowerPC)

XMPP Compliancy

  - Some protocol compliance fix have been added, after the Portland XMPP
    Interop Meeting in July.


  - MUC have been improved (logging rendering).
  - The command line tool ejabberdctl has been improved.
  - The build chain has been improved, including MacOSX support.
  - The documentation has been improved and updated to describe the new


   - Anonymous login bugfixes.
   - Please refer to the ChangeLog file supplied with this release regarding
     all improvements in ejabberd.

   Installation Notes

Supported Erlang Version

   - You need at least Erlang/OTP R9C-2 to run ejabberd 1.1.2.
   - The recommanded version is Erlang/OTP R10B-10.
   - Erlang/OTP R11B has not yet been fully certified for ejabberd.


   Installers are provided for Microsoft Windows, Linux/x86 and MacOSX/PPC.
   They can be retrieved from:

Migration Notes

   - Before any migration, ejabberd system and database must be properly
   backed up.
   - The relational database schema has changed between version 1.1.1 and
   1.1.2. An "askmessage" column needs to be added in the "rosterusers" table
   to perform the migration.


   Contributed tutorials and documents of interest are:
   - Migration from other XMPP servers to ejabberd:
   - Transport configuration for connecting to other networks:
   - Frequently Asked Questions:


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