[jdev] Multiple domain negotiations with SASL?

Janne Savukoski janne at savukoski.name
Mon Apr 16 17:10:00 CDT 2007


I'm sorry if this is some frustraginly frequently asked question, but
as I'm seeing Google requesting db-results for several domains under a
single TCP-session, it got me thinking if it's supported (by
xmpp-servers in general) to do multiple SASL-negotiations similarly?
By reusing the existing sessions, that is. It would naturally save
some TCP overhead if every originating domain wouldn't require a
dedicated session. I'm no expert in SASL, but if we're using the TLS
certificate in sasl external (excess caps), I guess it makes it less
trivial to authenticate multiple domains within the respective TLS

Am I like totally lost here?) I wouldn't be surprised..


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