[jdev] Is there any way to make sure that there will be a response to presence stanza

Sergej Andrejev sandrejev at gmail.com
Thu Apr 19 23:50:14 CDT 2007


I'm writing a PHP jabber/xmpp library. So far I can connect and do  
basic actions, but there is one problem. PHP cannot use unblocking  
stream when working with SSL. That means when I am sending stanza I  
must decide whether to wait for a response or not. For example when  
sending a <message /> I am not waiting for response, but when sending  
<iq /> I do. Now when sending <presence /> I am not really sure about  
the response and whether it will arrive or not. So if it arrives  
everything is fine, but when not my script just hangs there waiting  
for response. So what I am asking is that is there any type of  
<presence /> which will 100% return some data (and contacts, if there  
are some)


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