[jdev] About the authreg table in Jabberd 2

Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.eu
Fri Apr 20 12:48:02 CDT 2007

Hi Nahuel!

Nahuel ANGELINETTI schrieb:
> Are you sure ? because, the field password is non crypted...
> and i'm migrating some db from another server, and my users can't
> connect with only uncrypted password + realm + username... 

Yes I am sure. You only need username, realm, and password. The password 
has to be in plain text. Then login should be possible using plaintext 
and digest legacy auth as well as SASL authentication.

> does it exist some doc about what is needed inside the database to
> create an user ?

I don't know if there is any explicit documentation, but as I said, you 
only have to store username, realm and password. Username is the part of 
your JID before the @ sign, realm is the part after the @ sign.


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