[jdev] XMPP client library for PHP?

Steve Blinch jdev at blitzaffe.com
Fri Aug 3 02:04:23 CDT 2007

> I have learned about alternatives to CJP: There's a Jabber client
> library on code.blitzaffe.com [3]. Its primary advantage over CJP is,
> according to the website, that it's event-driven and doesn't wait for a
> static time for the server to react upon requests, which makes it faster
> and more stable at the same time. I've talked to the current CJP
> maintainer and in his lack of time, he agreed that this should be the
> successor of CJP. But it fails on PHP 5 and according to the author,
> Steve Blinch, PHP 5 support has an undetermined schedule (he said this
> in January 2007). No update until today.
Yeah, sorry, I've been pretty busy.  I am still maintaining the library, 
though, and I did have a PHP5-compatible version under development when 
you contacted me, but it's taken me until now to find time to get it 
done. :)  It appears to be working alright with PHP5 now though.

Contact me off-list if you want to test out a copy of the code.


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