[jdev] Sending messages via web server

Jonathan Chayce Dickinson chayce.za at gmail.com
Fri Aug 10 05:46:42 CDT 2007

Sorry for the double-post. You would be far better off writing a REST
service without using the .Net webservice framework, or any webservice
framework for that matter. Something simple like that doesn't really
need anything complex at all, all you need is to allow somebody to POST
stanzas to your web server and then it hand them down (without the
authentication, deserialization, etc. that frameworks does for you) to

On Thu, 2007-08-09 at 13:12 -0700, brad laney wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to create a simple application that will send a message to
> a single jabber user.
> I have a jabber server, and I have Pidgin client installed on all
> machines.
> We have an information server that is used for posting events, and
> important messages. This server is a web server. It is not automatic
> alerting, which is the drawback. We do not want to rely on email. So
> we want the information server to send instant messages to all parties
> involved.
> I've been looking for days and only found a linux solution. We are
> 100% windows.
> I need an API or something of the sort that will allow me to post
> messages via aweb server to my jabber server. I've found projects that
> do this, but they are mainly all linux and I'm having problems viewing
> the source code in order to write my own component.
> Thanks
> Brad
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