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Thu Aug 16 07:26:26 CDT 2007

Hi Peter,

could you please elaborate on this subject?

Thank you in advance.
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 Sorry, I don't know of any JEP that would help. You will probably have 
 to write it yourself. As I said:
     * Client sends presence notification
     * Your server "notices" the notification
     * Your server stores this in the database
     * Your server forwardes the original notification
 You can also subscribing your sever. As far as I know, that should work, 
 but some other clients/servers might break if you try that. Maybe 
 someone else could elaborate (Peter)? I have noticed that websites (such 
 as the Jabber world map) need a contact in your contact list to 
 subscribe, I'm not sure if has occurred to anyone to just subscribe the 
  Jonathan Dickinson
 cherami at gmx.de wrote:
 > Hi Jonathan,
 > I understand that a client must/can subscribe to an other client to 
 > get notifications of his status.
 > But can a presence server do something like that?
 > Can a presence server subscribe to other clients?
 > The Idea is, that I have in my organisation Clients, that only needs 
 > the presence information of other clients in other organisations. So I 
 > want to cache/mirror in my server the presence information ot the 
 > clients ot the other organisation, so that I do need to connect the 
 > server ot the partners for each request from the clients of my 
 > organisation.
 > Thanks
 > Koder
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 >> Hey,
 >> If you know the language that your server is written in you could catch
 >> all the presence notifications before sending them on and store them
 >> locally (in your database etc.).
 >> However, what you are asking kinda doesn't make sense. If you never get
 >> a presence notification from a contact, they *are* offline (if you
 >> notice, while your client is connecting to a Jabber server all your
 >> contacts briefly show as offline), unless you are not subscribed to
 >> them, in which case you would never know anyway.
 >> Hope this helps.
 >> Cheers,
 >> Jonathan Dickinson
 >> On Wed, 2007-08-15 at 10:19 +0200, cherami at gmx.de wrote:
 >> > Hi,
 >> >
 >> > I have the following scenario in my student project. Which solution
 >> > would you propose?
 >> >
 >> > I have many business partners "B", "C" and "D", each of them has his
 >> > own presence server "PB", "PC" and "PD".
 >> >
 >> > I need in my organisation "A" a presence service "PA", who "mirros"
 >> > the actual status of all the users on PB, PC and PD, to whom I
 >> > subscribed.
 >> >
 >> > I know, that I could implement my presence service PA as a client, 
 >> > subscribes to all the users on PB, PC and PD. What I am asking for: 
 >> > there an other solution?
 >> >
 >> > 1. Can I be on the one hand a client of the servers PB, PC, PD, and 
 >> > the other hand a "server" for other applications/clients/servers.
 >> >
 >> > 2. Can I say to the other servers PB, PC and PD "hey, I am a presence
 >> > server (and not a client), would you please send me each change of 
 >> > status of my users, to whom I subscribed".
 >> >
 >> > 3. Can I make benefit of the s2s protocol in my scenario?
 >> >
 >> > You can say: What I want to have, is a local presence service in my
 >> > organisation, who localy mirros many others presence servers of other
 >> > partners. How would be your solution?
 >> >
 >> > Thank you for your help and your patience.
 >> > Koder
 >> >
 >> >
 >> >
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