[jdev] SOAP over XMPP, does my server need anything special?

Robin Redeker elmex at x-paste.de
Wed Aug 22 02:26:46 CDT 2007

On Tue, Aug 21, 2007 at 09:51:36PM -0600, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> Devraj Mukherjee wrote:
> > Hi everyone,
> > 
> > I am a new to Jabber development, and am trying to carry SOAP messages
> > over XMPP. I noticed the SOAP extension to XMPP on the XMPP web site.
> > 
> > My questions is do Jabber servers require additional
> > plugins/implementations to carry SOAP messages across or can any
> > standard Jabber server be able to carry the message?
> In general, a Jabber server is payload-agnostic (it's too much work to
> inspect the full contents of every XML stanza).

> So you can send any XML you want

As long as the XML does not contain any restricted XML elements like
CDATA, processing instructions, comments, ...

Best is to read RFC 3920(bis) section 'XML Usage' to avoid any confusions
that might emerge from "you can send any XML you want", because you
can't send just "any XML you want".

Of course SOAP does already limit it's XML usage to not contain
processing instructions. But you might need to take care of CDATA
usage and comments (which are maybe a bit uncommon to be used in a
SOAP implementation, but to gurantee maximum reliability better check
your SOAP implementation).


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