[jdev] Re: FOSDEM / devcon / interop update

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Thu Jan 4 10:43:20 CST 2007

It's a wiki -- feel free to edit. :-) I've started an attendee list at 
the relevant page:


Alexander Gnauck wrote:
> i think we also should setup a participant list on the Wiki. So all 
> members/developers who are interested to participate the event can 
> signup there.
> I think most of us have to stay in a hotel for some days, so we should 
> recommend 1 or 2 hotels.
> Alex
> Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
>> The devcon / interop event around FOSDEM is still on schedule. I have 
>> a question for folks about the timing. Mickael Remond and I have been 
>> looking into dates and we think that it might be better to hold the 
>> small interop event / devcon on Monday (February 26) instead of Friday 
>> (February 23). That way people can get to know each other a bit over 
>> the weekend at FOSDEM and we can talk a bit about some of the topics 
>> we want to discuss in more depth. Then we can have a more focused day 
>> on Monday.
>> Thoughts?
>> Peter

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