[jdev] end-to-end encryption -- making it happen

thomasasta at gmx.net thomasasta at gmx.net
Tue Jan 9 16:35:10 CST 2007

Hello Peter, and List.

if end to end is in, then servers in jabber are not needed, except for bootstrapping. But there is already the concept to bootstrap serverless from a DHT.
See www.csapce.in, which as as well a 2048 bit encryption impelmented.

Why is jabber doing the same now, without getting rid of the servers?
IMHO e2e has to be implemented hand in hand with bootstrapping from a DHT.
If this is accepted, then it could be compatible with the cspace messenger.

We could translate is as well from python to java, if you use jython.org, as the actual newsletter suggests. View the Newsletter:

As many jabber clients are in java, an implementation of the cspace protocol in java would do many basics to get jabber hybrid with end to end encyption.

Kind regards.
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