[jdev] Flash vs Jabber

Sander Devrieze s.devrieze at pandora.be
Tue Jan 16 09:52:06 CST 2007

Matt Tucker schreef:
> The XIFF library is being updated to use Flash sockets. You can read a
> recent blog entry about this at:
> http://www.igniterealtime.org/blog/2007/01/05/update-l-xiff-3-beta/

Yes, nice to hear.

> <psuedo-rant>Frankly, I'm not sure what Sander is so up in arms about in
> his article.

Why do you target just me? I'm pretty sure there are others that 
(partially) share my vision.

> People need stuff to "just work" and Flash is incredibly
> wide-spread. Having a non-XMPP protocol tweak for Flash clients is a
> very reasonable workaround (what we do in Wildfire). It's a couple of
> lines of code and doesn't affect other XMPP traffic. The alternative is
> that Flash developers would simply not use XMPP at all.

Besides Daniel Noll's idea, an alternative would be to develop a bridge 
component that converts the unstandard Flash XML to standard XMPP. In 
this way it will work with all XMPP servers.

Instead, Jive Software decided to take the easy approach by adding 
support for the unstandard XML to Wildfire. This is unfair to other/new 
XMPP servers. Moreover, this quick and dirty making stuff "just work" 
can lead to protocol filthiness...such a situation would be even bad for 
Jive Software themselves in the long run. More details on 

Btw, as an example to show the entry barrier, the coder of the still 
very small server project Tigase told me that he has no time to 
implement protocol violations like the Flash work around; he said he has 
already enough work with just implementing the XMPP specs.

> Aren't there
> better issues to get passionate about? Frankly, I don't mind at all that
> Wildfire is on the "black list". :)</psuedo-rant>

Well, your pseudo-rant makes me think this is not 100% true. Anyway, you 
know how to solve the black listing issue ;-)

Mvg, Sander Devrieze.

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