[jdev] xmpp4moz 0.4.0

hyperstruct - jdev iolgzc102 at sneakemail.com
Tue Jan 16 15:31:30 CST 2007

xmpp4moz 0.4.0 is available.

xmpp4moz is an XMPP layer for Mozilla.  It allows building hybrid
web/IM remote applications, as well as browser extensions and rich
clients that use XMPP.

It is released as part of the SamePlace Suite 0.5.0, but also
installable as a stand-alone package.  License is MPL/LGPL/GPL.

Announcement: http://blog.hyperstruct.net/2007/1/15/sameplace-suite-0-5-0-released
(Changes listed under "What's new for developers".)

Massimiliano Mirra
code: http://dev.hyperstruct.net
blog: http://blog.hyperstruct.net

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