[jdev] how to program a jabber game server

Massimiliano Mirra iolgzc102 at sneakemail.com
Tue Jan 30 17:58:04 CST 2007

> I am a newbie regarding Jabber technology, trying to figure out if it could
> be the solution for the app I am going to develop : a multi-user online game
> similar to a board game like monopoly.
> First I guess I have to define an XMPP extension adapted to my game,
> describing all the game actions a player can perform through its client. But
> how the Jabber server is going to process this messages, i. e. how am I
> going to program this part (and in what language) ? Is this part of the
> program dependent from Jabber server implementations ?
> Thank you for any response or linked resource,

This video shows a Monopoly game toward the end, based on HTML/JS/CSS
and Google Maps, with game logic handled by a Ruby bot:

A friend wrote it as a demonstration for xmpp4moz.  I'm not sure
whether the code is still maintained, but you can find it here:

Massimiliano Mirra
code: http://dev.hyperstruct.net
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