[jdev] how to program a jabber game server

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Wed Jan 31 05:18:31 CST 2007

Denis Guillaume wrote:
> Hello,
> I don't know if we've got to move to another list or a private 
> discussion to continue this thread ?
Depends how interested in this the rest of the community is, is anyone 
else interested here in this topic?
> Richard, I am working on a timed turn-based strategy game, with 
> several players. You're talking about server components, I guess that 
> this is more time consuming to learn this technology than learning to 
> program bots in php :p ?
Ah cool, well the way I am implementing mine its not that much more 
difficult really, all the game component needs to handle that the bot 
probably wouldn't really be able to is multiple games going on at once, 
although my component is in C++ so its probably a little bit more 
difficult than PHP.
> Michal, I guess what you call the game layer is a protocol independent 
> from its processing (whether by a server component or by a bot ?). 
> What I need for the project I am working on is :
> - game tables initialisation with specific rules parameters ;
> - timed game actions performed by the players ;
> - game state messages (score evolution, win, etc.) and timed game 
> events processed by the server ;
> - chat.
> Do you want me to detail these ?
What I would describe the game layer is would be just what handles all 
the very basic actions that would be common to almost all games, like 
discovering available games, creating a game session, joining it, ending 
it, inviting people etc, anything specific to a particular game would be 
layered ontop of the basic stuff in its own namespace.
> Maybe a reusable solution for other games could be a server component 
> handling the game sessions you described Michal, and bots processing 
> the specific mechanics of a given game...
The easiest way (and how im implementing it) is for the game component 
to handle it all, what you are thinking of as a bot rather be handled by 
the game component directly.


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