[jdev] how to program a jabber game server

Aaron Miller amiller1 at superfinedesign.com
Wed Jan 31 10:59:08 CST 2007

This thread interests me. I'm not developing a game, but my  
application has similar needs. It's a web application with three  
interface modules--one that monitors a multiuser chat room, one that  
requests page-size chunks of data and displays them, and one that can  
display and modify a threaded discussion. The main similarity is that  
somehow I need the server(s) to keep track of not just which clients  
are requesting which chunks of data and notify all other clients (ie  
room occupants), but also keep track of changes to the state of the  
web interface of each user and push updates and refreshes to those  

There is no question about using XMPP for the chat, but what I'm  
confused about is how much "stateful" communication should I route  
through this protocol and how much should I relegate to http? An  
external component seems to be the way to go, but on the other hand,  
writing it in Javascript seems like a tricky proposition. I know  
about JSJac and JSON and XIFF, but these are all fairly new and  
unpredicable things and I have a feeling they will require a lot of  
customization. Should I look at writing an internal component, or  
perhaps use some kind of bot?


On Jan 31, 2007, at 5:42 AM, Tomasz Sterna wrote:

> Dnia 31-01-2007, śro o godzinie 10:38 +0000, Denis Guillaume  
> napisał(a):
>> You're talking about server components, I guess that this is more  
>> time
>> consuming to learn this technology than learning to program bots in
>> php :p ?
> Connecting with a component protocol is even easier than establishing
> client session. :-)
> On the other hand, component is just a "bot" using different  
> addressing
> scheme. You're able to control user part of JID, not only resource.
> And you're handling all user names and resources with one connection.
> So, that really depends on requirements of your protocol, whether you
> want a component (server-like "session") or just a bot (client  
> session)
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> Tomasz Sterna
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