[jdev] mu-conference 0.8svn & jabberd 2.1svn for Windows releases

Adam Strzelecki ono at java.pl
Sat Jun 16 05:53:41 CDT 2007

I'm happy to announce that mu-conference 0.8svn for Windows binaries,
patch & project are available for download at my page:


When it will be possible I gonna put those changes into official repository.

mu-conference binaries as configured to run seamlessly as an addendum to
jabberd2 Windows OpenSource XMPP server releases:


Note: jabberd2 Windows support is already inside official SVN
repository. And this page is just a binaries source and guide how to
build jabberd2 on Windows out of the SVN.

As all (muc + jabberd) takes ~5-6MB on the disk with no extra software
required (runs of the box), so it is good to make a try for all Windows
users, especially while other free servers that run on Windows usually
require Java or other extra software installation.

P.S. I'd be glad if anyone running Jabber news site can post this
information, so everybody knows that pretty complete and GPLed XMPP
server for Windows is available for free.

Cheers to Jabber community!
: nanoANT Adam Strzelecki :
:       nanoant.com       :

P.S. Windows MSI installer is on the way too.

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