[jdev] Escaping JID using XEP-0106

Sergei Golovan sgolovan at nes.ru
Wed Jun 27 08:24:51 CDT 2007

On 6/27/07, Matthias Wimmer <m at tthias.eu> wrote:
> Hi Sergei!
> Sergei Golovan schrieb:
> > And how should one read:
> >
> > "The escaped JID is unescaped only for presentation to a human user
> > (typically by an XMPP client)"?
> As I explained in one of my last e-mails: someone might want to
> implement a Jabber client that has an interface like Pidgin but that
> does only XMPP serverside.

In this case the client don't want to have unescaped full JID. It only
needs unescaped node. The XEP is perfectly suitable for this. But it
is full of examples of unescaped full JIDs (in fact bare JIDs). It is

Sergei Golovan

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