[jdev] Net::XMPP and Net::Jabber maintenance

Eric Hacker lists at erichacker.com
Tue Mar 6 22:27:45 CST 2007


Is anyone maintaining Net::XMPP and Net::Jabber? I've got some patches
to fix a few bugs and some other issues.

I'm dependent on these modules at the moment, so I'll probably update
CPAN myself if no one else will.

The killer bug involves calling $node->GetTimeStamp on a node with no
direct Children, only a Tree of nodes. It dies hard.
DefinedX('namespace') is succeeding in this case, for any namespace.
The attempt to then Get the node for that namespace dies.

I've got a patch, and nearly have a working 'failing' test case, which
turned out to be harder than the fix. This is easy to do live, but
there is something very subtle going one between XML::Stream and
Net::XMPP than made this very difficult to reproduce for a test

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