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Le Tue, 13 Mar 2007 09:27:20 -0600,
Peter Saint-Andre <stpeter at jabber.org> a écrit :

> Nahuel ANGELINETTI wrote:
> > can we know why this server is shutted down ?
> 1. The JabberStudio code base is unmaintained and no one has
> volunteered to maintain it.

So why not can i propose my competences ?

> 2. JabberStudio uses a lot of bandwidth (probably 90% of the
> bandwidth used by the XSF infrastructure) and our hosting provider is
> unhappy.

In france we have hosters like dedibox which provide 100Mbps connection
( without limit of transfered datas ), with a server 2GHz, 1GB of
DDRAM, and 160 GB of hdd, for only 59$ by month ( i'm not doing an
advertissment, just information ), and the possibility to have RAID

> 3. We have continued to have trouble with JabberStudio, first the 
> rootkit 2 years ago and yesterday what was effectively a DOS (no I'm
> not going to discuss the details).

( point 2 )

> 4. The admin (c'est moi) doesn't have time for all this fun.

I think i can have.

> 5. There are plenty of great options out there (Google Code Hosting, 
> Berlios, SourceForge, etc.) that provide dedicated project hosting, 
> better bug tracking tools, and so on. Go use 'em.

Sourceforge, i think it's a company who host/develop it, and not open
source, too bad, like Google Code Hosting.


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