[jdev] Google to Connect to Other IM Networks Using Jabber Transports?

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Mon Nov 5 11:05:09 CST 2007

Andre-John Mas wrote:
> On 1-Nov-07, at 17:00 , Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
>> Ernest Nova wrote:
>>> FWIW:
>>> http://googlesystem.blogspot.com/2007/10/google-to-connect-to-other-im-networks.html
>> Yes I saw that in my RSS feeds this morning. I don't have any inside
>> information to share about it, but it's intriguing. However, it seems to
>> me that they would prefer to do native XMPP with other services since
>> that would give them real federation (not the client-proxy hack involved
>> in traditional transports).
> Yup, from my experience few clients make the use of transports clear and
> easy to understand. By ensuring everything is happening on the server side
> it makes things easier for the average user.
> The only thing, is I am not sure I can imagine how they would deal with
> MSN,
> which allows for accounts with domain names which aren't in the msn.com or
> hotmail.com realm. Maybe this could be a fallback method if everything else
> fails, something like:
>    - if matches @yahoo.* try connecting using Yahoo
>    - if matches @icq.com try connecting using icq
>    - if matches @gmail.com try connecting using Jabber
>    - try other smart matches
>    - else attempt Jabber and on failure try MSN

Well, the closed IM silos don't use URIs or even DNS-based addressing
standards. If they did, life would be much easier. For instance they
could use im: URIs, and XMPP servers could resolve those per RFC 3861.
For now we recommend that gateway addresses be of the form
service.xmppserver.tld (e.g., msn.jabber.org). This is explained in
Section 6 of XEP-0100:



Peter Saint-Andre

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