[jdev] PubSub XEP-0060 misunderstandings

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Thu Sep 13 13:24:10 CDT 2007

ju wrote:

> - why a persistent / notification node can contain a payload ? (table 5
> in XEP)

Aha, I see that Table 5 could be confusing.

The "persistent+notification" cell in Table 5 really means:

   If a persistent node is configured to send notifications only
   (without payload), the publisher must include an <item/> element
   in the publish request and may include an ItemID, but if there
   is no ItemID then the service must generate it; however, if the
   publisher includes a payload then the service must not include it
   when sending the notifications

So table 5 is mostly talking about what the publisher should do. But I
will clear this up a bit in the text.

> - how to set notification or payload configuration. There is no field in
> pubsub#node_config to set it.

That behavior is controlled by the pubsub#deliver_payloads field. If
deliver_payloads is false, the node is notification-only; if true,
payloads are included in the notifications. Probably it would have been
better to call this field "include_payloads" but it's too late to change
that now.


Peter Saint-Andre

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