[jdev] Connectivity issues with gmail.com and googlemail.com

Philipp Hancke fippo at goodadvice.pages.de
Wed Sep 19 12:13:19 CDT 2007

Hi Sergei,

> 5) googlemail.com sends a key over the same TCP connection (!):

That's called "piggybacking".
> =INFO REPORT==== 2007-09-19 20:35:32 ===
> I(<0.5062.0>:ejabberd_s2s_in:317): GET KEY: {"nes.ru",
>                                              "googlemail.com",
>                                              [],
> "CAESBxC17cjz0SIaEBnkylXoIZMlEI4Y4qYXHDQ="}
> The port is the same <0.5062.0>. After that the connection is stalled.
> ejabberd never receives anything in this stream.
> For me it looks like a severe bug in Google Talk server.

They've been doing that ever since s2s was enabled.

> Did someone experienced similar problems with gmail.com and
> googlemail.com? May be Google Talk admins read this list and can help?
> Cheers!

Happy ejabberd debugging. Dialback is already horrible to debug, but
piggybacking makes it a real nightmare.


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