[jdev] SMTP-style relaying for XMPP?

Johansson Olle E oej at edvina.net
Wed Aug 27 04:24:10 CDT 2008

27 aug 2008 kl. 11.15 skrev Andreas Anderson:

> Is there something as an XMPP Relay that can be put into the DMZ and
> handels the communication into intranet, where ie a Zimbra is
> installed?
> (If i ask the firewall-guys to open ports from the internet into the
> intranet this will be my last message, ever :) )

I have not tried this, but found it a while ago:



"2008-06-11 Released IMSpector 0.6. This release adds support for  
Jabber/XMPP. In addition, IMSpector can now, optionally, perform a man- 
in-the-middle attack on the connection between the IM client and the  
IM server. This enables Gtalk to be logged, amongst others. A socket- 
based API for off-loading censoring and blocking has also been  
devised, and this release includes a client of this API, for people  
who wish to implement their own blocking and filtering schemes in the  
programming language of their choosing. It also contains the usual  
array of bug fixes and code cleanups."


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